Installation and Configuration


NOTE: Installation is common for all the different modules - client (JobDispatcher), JobRunner and HostSelector

Extract the file into any convenient location. A directory called 'prt' should get created that contains the following directories


Configuration is done via <PRT_HOME>\config\ file.

The following properties must be set for all modules - client(JobDispatcher), JobRunner and HostSelector

aashish.prt.home - Specifies the installation directory of PRT
Specifies the logical (human friendly) name of the host selector remote object. This is used to refer (bind and locate) the host selector
remote object.

Specifies the IP address of the host name of the machine on which the host selector is running (bound).

Specifies the rmi registry port in which the host selector remote object is registered.

The policy file to use. This value will be used to set the value of the JVM property java.rmi.server.policy. The full path is needed.

The port at which the RMI Registry should bind. Set this to same value as aashish.prt.hostselector.port
for simplicity.

The following must be set for the client (JobDispatcher) in addition to the above properties
This specifies the number of workers to use when PRT is running in the async mode.

The following must be set for the JobRunner in addition to the earlier common properties
This is interval after which updates are periodically sent to the host selector about the statistics of the JobRunner.