Pseudo Remote Threads (Suremth) (PRT)

Pseudo Remote Threads is a library/infrastructure born out of a need to create a simple reusable cluster using Java.
It can be considered a paraller computing library in Java though its not a pure API but also contains some live processes
that manage scheduling and code execution in a cluster.

The idea for this library was detailed in the paper 'Build your own Java-based supercomputer' published
on IBM Developer Works in April 2001.  The library makes use of Java RMI and Java Threads.  This release
tries to improve the implementation and interfaces of this library. The library is released under CPL 1.0.

The other links give a detailed description of the library. The article provides a perspective on the design
and it would be better to read that before reading the other links on this site.

The package provides a sample example of executing XSL transformations in a cluster.  This example could be
useful for sites that need to perform high frequesncy of XSL transformations. (This example is still untested. The code
is available with the source.)

One of the primary aims was to make the process of creating a cluster simple. If the library
does not succeed in that, please feel free to forward any kind of criticism. It will be gladly received.

Questions are always welcome. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

p.s. Although the articles title has the word 'supercomputer', this
library has never been tested to the scale of a supercomputer. I don't have the resources to do that kind of testing. Logo